Volunteer Charter

The goal of the TEDxHonolulu Volunteer Charter is to create honest, collaborative and transparent working relationships among all volunteers; and to share practical knowledge learned from our past events and the endeavors of other community organizations.


Conversation, Communication & Collaboration

By producing TED-like events, TEDxHonolulu endeavors to expose audience members to new ways of thinking, unique viewpoints, and an interactive environment of rich dialogue and activity with creative thinkers, artists, designers, scientists, educators – thought leaders in diverse disciplines – as well as fellow audience members.

Innovate, Create & Inspire!

We appreciate your dedication and your service to our community, and we will work for open communication and a vibrant collaborative process. Open lines of communication and feedback between volunteers, project leaders, and Curation Team members are essential to the success of TEDxHonolulu events and organizational development.

All work and decisions should serve the mission of TEDxHonolulu.

TEDxHonolulu Mission Statement:
TEDxHonolulu seeks to produce events and programs developed by some of the best minds that Hawai‘i and the global community have to offer. By featuring dynamic and innovative individuals drawn from the diverse, multi-cultural nature of our community, our vision is to be a local forum for “Ideas Worth Spreading” that inspire people to strengthen themselves, build their community, and to engage with our global community.


  • Be informed about the organization’s mission and programs.
  • Maintain open and honest communication with all team members.
  • Enhance the organization’s public image — inform others about the organization.
  • Keep up-to-date on developments in the organization’s field (e.g. watch TED and TEDx talks, develop connections in the community).
  • Guarantee legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability; avoid conflict of interest and confidentiality issues.

NEWScallFORvolunteersPICProcess & Communication


Communicating developments and issues concerning the organization, ensuring that all Team members are well informed, is a high priority for every Team member. Honesty and timely communication are essential elements of the Team’s functioning.

The License Holder has major responsibilities for communication and rule adherence with TED to ensure the continuity of TEDxHonolulu. The Volunteer Members support the ethical adherence to TED rules and supports the License Holder in these responsibilities.


I allow TEDxHonolulu permission to use, take and/or publish photographs submitted by me and/or of me to be used for media purposes, the TEDxHonolulu website and/or social media.


Organizers’ Meetings Date
VOLUNTEER | All Volunteer Meeting  9/19/2015
VOLUNTEER | All Volunteer Meeting  10/24/2015 | SOEST Event 10:00am
VOLUNTEER | All Volunteer Meeting  11/10/2015 | Manifest Bar 5:30pm
VOLUNTEER | All Volunteer Meeting  12/8/2015 | TBD 5:30pm
VOLUNTEER | All Volunteer Meeting  1/12/2016 | TBD 5:30pm
VOLUNTEER | All Volunteer Meeting  2/9/2016 | TBD 5:30pm
VOLUNTEER | All Volunteer Meeting  3/8/2016 | TBD 5:30pm
VOLUNTEER | All Volunteer Meeting  4/12/2016 | TBD 5:30pm
VOLUNTEER | All Volunteer Meeting  5/10/2016 | TBD 5:30pm
VOLUNTEER | All Volunteer Meeting  6/14/2016 | TBD 5:30pm
VOLUNTEER | All Volunteer Meeting  7/8/2016 | Tech Run Through
VOLUNTEER | All Volunteer Meeting  7/9/2016 | Event Day
VOLUNTEER | All Volunteer Meeting  7/12/2016 | TBD 5:30pm