next: TEDxHonolulu 2015 


Join us at the upcoming TEDxHonolulu 2015 conference Paradigm Shift on March 28, 2015 at University of Hawaii at Manoa Campus Center.

TEDxHonolulu2015crowd-copy11Paradigm Shift: Those transformational “AH HA!” moments when everything changes and there’s just no going back. Join the TEDxHonolulu community to share ideas and experiences that sparked radical new directions in our worldviews and how we engage our communities. Hawaii’s boundary-breaking thinkers and leaders will explore how continuous innovation spurs us to imagine new futures for our rapidly changing world.  This one-day event will be filled with thought-provoking speakers, intellectually curious audiences, hands-on activities and powerful new visions for creating a better world through the ongoing process of Paradigm Shift.

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