TEDxHonolulu 2015 Projects

TEDxHonolulu is creating a new kind of conference experience with initiatives that engage our communities in deeper, long-lasting and more relevant ways. 

To learn more, or to get involved in one of these special projects, contact genesis@tedxhonolulu.org



TEDxHonolulu views our events both as an opportunity to avoid waste, reduce energy consumption, and reduce our overall carbon footprint— as well as a way to encourage similar stewardship and make sustainability accessible to our volunteers, attendees, speakers and partners. Our mission is to “greenify” our events through conventional and creative means that will have an enduring positive impact on our environment and community.

• DBEDT Green Event Award  • Bike Valet • VIP Carpool Parking (sponsored by HMSA)

• Bikepool • Alternative Transportation Raffle • Water Bottle Filling Station

• Waste Management – Recycle/Garbage/Compost Management (sponsored by Lyon Associates)

• Sustainability Interactive Booth • Sustainability Survey



TEDxHonolulu established an Interactive Team in 2013 to spark unique experiences at the event and to encourage meaningful conversations and hands-on interactions unlike any other typical conference. We continue to create environments outside of the speaker stage for all attendees to learn more about speakers and partners and to delve deeper into other TEDxHonolulu initiatives.

• Interactive Exhibit Area • Promotional Booths at Community Events

• Event App • Attendee Bag Printing Station • Interactive Display 

• Post-Event Engagement Activities • Event Seat Surprises

• TEDxHonolulu Post Event Survey


Registration & Outreach

The TEDxHonolulu Registration Team takes the event registration process to the next level by: integrating outreach at community events; providing event appreciation gifts; and becoming the welcoming team to the event. As true ambassadors of Hawai‘i, the registration team aims to welcome audience members, speakers, partners and organizing volunteers with the true aloha spirit of TEDxHonolulu. Our mission is to provide excellent customer service and unique projects that enhance the attendee experience.

• Promotional Booths at Community Events (Street Team)

• Pre-Event Gift Surprise • Registration Interactive Post Card Activity

• Post-Event Engagement Activity • Event Seat Surprises

• Event Information Desk • TEDxHonolulu Post Event Survey



TEDxHonolulu established a Scholarship Team in 2013 as part of its effort to increase the amount of attendees and to make the event more available to individuals who may not be able to afford the full cost of the ticket. Through an in-depth application process the Scholarship Team reviews applicants based on their financial need and involvement in TED, TEDx, and TEDxHonolulu as well as their community and extracurricular activities, leadership and character.

• Scholarship Program Application

• Scholarship & Sponsor Relations • Scholarship Impact Project 


Artist in Residence

The TEDxHonolulu Artist In Residence (AIR) program adds a new creative dimension to the conference experience, and we are thrilled to collaborate with Maui-based photographer and painter Shane Robinson for “Paradigm Shift.” Shane’s graphic images will be integrated throughout the event including the stage design and backdrops for our speakers.