Star Advertiser: “TEDx localizes global conversations”




In 2009, TED the global mother ship, headquartered in Canada, spawned offspring called TEDx, which provide local platforms for talks.

“The ‘x’ stands for independently organized, and Honolulu was one of the first to answer that call,” said Genesis Leong, lead curator for TEDx Honolulu, which is holding its fifth conference Saturday at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. “We’re aiming to really peer into local people, industries and ideas that we weren’t aware of. Even though Hawaii’s so small, we’re all in our bubbles.”

The goal, Leong continued, is to “pop and merge those bubbles,” exchanging new information with the local and global community “through conversations that can help make the world a better place.” In between the conferences, TEDx Hono­lulu puts on smaller events, from cultural salons to student-organized events at schools, such as the April 4 “Sustainability of Us” TEDx Youth event at Punahou School.

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