2015 TEDxHonolulu Scholarship Program

The TEDxHonolulu Scholarship program makes our event more available to a broader range of  individuals among Hawaii’s diverse communities.


The TEDxHonolulu 2015 Scholarship program contributes to our vision of serving the interests of Hawai‘i’s community by promoting a “Paradigm Shift” among TEDxHonolulu’s diverse group of people. For partners, speakers and attendees, the event offers an opportunity to learn from one another and leave the conference motivated and inspired to create a more innovative community to guide Hawai‘i’s future. This scholarship program offers an opportunity for awardees to attend TEDxHonolulu 2015 on March 28, 2015.

*The application period for the 2015 Scholarship Program has ended. Applicants will be notified of the result on March 8, 2015. 

Scholarship Rules:
The TEDxHonolulu Scholarship for attendance program is offered to make the event more available to individuals who may not be able to afford the full cost of ticket fees. Scholarship applicants may either be new or existing applicants in the program. There is a limited number of full scholarships available. And is limited to Hawai‘i residents only.

2015scholarshipPIC_AApplication Process:
In order to protect the integrity of of the scholarship program, the following rules shall bind all applicants in the program. Applicants must submit the scholarship application in its entirely before the deadline on March 6, 2015 at midnight. The following is understood when submitting an application; applicants:
1. Agree to abide by the TEDxHonolulu Scholarship rules.
2. Certify that they do not have any conflicts of interest.
3. Certify that their completed application is correct and truthful.
4. Certify that they cannot obtain sufficient funds to pay the full price of participation for TEDxHonolulu 2015.
5. Must agree that the data in the their application may be shared with and evaluated by members of TEDxHonolulu.
6. Scholarship recipients must take part in an Impact Project. Requirements are as follows:
Take an action photo of yourself showing how you give back to the community. Post the photo on social media using the following hashtags: #TEDxHonolulu #UnSelfie #ParadigmShift
Examples include: Reading to children, protesting for affordable housing, volunteering at the zoo, etc. If recipient does not participate in social media, other arrangements will be made.
*This is not required until after recipients have been notified of award.
7. Scholarship recipients must answer post-event questions, which may be featured on the website.
8. Once you submit your application, changes can not be made.

All TEDxHonolulu attendance fees are non-refundable. Once you submit your application, changes can not be made.

ScholarshipPIC_CEvaluation Primary award criteria
Applications will be reviewed by TEDxHonolulu organizing committee and/or sponsorship review committee. Applications will be reviewed based on a combination of factors including:
1. Financial need.
2. Interest in TED, TEDx and TEDxHonolulu.
3. Community/ extracurricular involvement.
The scholarship reviewers may elect to request additional information from applicant.


Conflicts of Interest:
The scholarship applicant must disclose to TEDxHonolulu in writing all potential conflicts of interest if they pertain to the following:
1. Applicant is a close family relative to any of the TEDxHonolulu scholarship review committee.
2. Applicant solicits or provides any compensation or other consideration in exchange for the scholarship.
3. Applicant engages in any conduct that may reflect negatively upon TEDxHonolulu.

TEDxHonolulu has the right to refuse to accept any applications or cancel a scholarship when a conflict of interest exists.
1. All decisions on the TEDxHonolulu Scholarship program are made final.
2. Scholarship recipients will receive one general ticket attendance for TEDxHonolulu 2015 on Saturday, March 28, 2015. Recipients are responsible for their own transportation fees/travel arrangements, expenses, incidents and any additional activity fees.
3. Scholarships may not be sold, transferred or assigned and are not convertible for cash.
4. All applicants must accept the scholarship by the registration deadline on March 13, 2015.
5. Scholarships must be used for TEDxHonolulu 2015. No deferrals are available.
6. If a recipient registers/accepts the scholarship and fails to appear to the event or complete the required activities, they will be ineligible to receive future scholarships.

For more information about scholarships please email: scholarships@tedxhonolulu.org