TEDxHonolulu is no longer accepting presenter applications for our 2016 events. Please join our mailing list to receive notice of our next round of applications and auditions for our 2017 events.

Speakers_pacificTOUNGES1TEDxHonolulu seeks out powerful presenters with extraordinary voices from our local community who have a unique story or an unusual perspective — and who can convey it in a dynamic way!

TEDxHonolulu presenters are: 

● Local voices that few have heard before.

● People who can present their field in a new light.

● Thought leaders that bring perspectives that the global TED community may not have access to.

● Diverse demographics, ethnicities, backgrounds, subject matter.

● Speakers whose work fits our event theme.

Benefits of being a TEDxHonolulu presenter include:

● Being part of the global community of innovators who have spoken from a TEDx stage.

● Having your presentation recorded and uploaded to the TEDx YouTube channel where it is available for viewing worldwide.

● Engaging our local communities, and the global community with your message.

● Working with our talented Speaker’s Coach to hone and craft your presentation.

● The chance for your talk to be released on to a potential audience of millions.

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