Genesis Leong

genesisLEONGheadshot2015Genesis Leong is the License Holder & Lead Curator of TEDxHonolulu.

Genesis works as a Project Manager for the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Center on Disability Studies in the Pacific Alliance Project. She facilitates research programs aimed to increase the number of students with disabilities who are successfully transitioning from high school to post-secondary STEM education and ultimately the workforce.

In addition, Genesis is a special events coordinator for large scale community events focused on cutting-edge technology, social justice advocacy and community development. She has extensive experience in event coordination, project management, client relationships, sponsorship development and integrated marketing. Her leadership has created heightened awareness and increased resources for a wide range of projects for clients including University of Hawai‘i System/Hawai‘i State Department of Health, Technology News Bytes/Emerging New Media and Equality Hawai‘i Foundation, among others.

Genesis has attended more than 15 TED and TEDx events internationally during then last few years and is building a network of like-minded TEDsters who share ideas, support and resources. Genesis is VERY excited about advancing the legacy and spirit of TEDxHonolulu to the next level of participation and inspiration in Hawai‘i.