About TEDxHonolulu

Conversation, Communication and Collaboration

TEDxHonolulu seeks to produce events and programs developed by some of the best minds that Hawai‘i and the global community have to offer. By featuring dynamic and innovative individuals drawn from the diverse, multi-cultural nature of our community, our vision is to be a local forum for “Ideas Worth Spreading” that inspire people to strengthen themselves, build their community, and to engage with our global community.

By producing TED-like events, TEDxHonolulu endeavors to expose audience members to new ways of thinking, unique viewpoints, and an interactive environment of rich dialogue and activity with creative thinkers, artists, designers, scientists, educators – thought leaders in diverse disciplines – as well as fellow audience members.

Our vision is to be a local forum for ideas that inspire people to change their lives and better their world.

Join us!


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