2016 TEDxHonolulu Registration

The TEDxHonolulu Registration Team offers a few tips for making the most of your TEDxHonolulu experience.

“Yes And”

Say yes to all invitations and add onto the situation. The “Yes And” is a shared experience that ultimately creates the overall experience of TEDxHonolulu.

Develop Your Awareness 

Be aware of your environment & continue to redirect your focus. Focus on the sight, sound, smell, and feel of every experience

Mindfulness Cue 

Choose a cue to help you to remember to be in the moment. When you notice your mindfulness cue, make sure that you take a moment to stop and notice your surroundings.

Enjoy Breaks 

Have fun doing the breaks in the conference program; notice your surroundings and meet new people.

Smile and Laugh 

Set the tone for yourself and others by simply smiling and laughing.

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