2016 TEDxHonolulu Interactive

Interactive music, improv, games and more: share YOUR creativity at TEDxHonolulu FLOW…

The TEDxHonolulu Interactive Team is partnering with an amazing group of performers, makers, and musicians, including StoryCorps, Koala Space Program, Girl Genius Labs, SoundShop, ImprovHI and more!  So take a break during the conference and let your creative energy FLOW. 

Be sure to pick up a special color-coded badge when you register and join an Interactive Team for your chance to win special prizes.

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Here’s more info from the Interactive Team:

To align ourselves with the topic of flow, we are creating various activities to promote various flow states and to encourage interaction.

How can you participate in this social experiment?

Each attendee will belong to 1 of 5 tribes and will be sorted automatically by our sorting robot (aka our beloved sorting monkey). Each tribe will have a tribe elder or leader. The leader will be one of the 5 speakers of this year’s TedX. These tribes will also be associated with a color.  Your badges will reflect that color. So if your badge is red, then you will be a member of the red tribe.

The goal?

The goal is to have each tribe attain the highest % of flow by participating in activities.

How can I help my tribe?

We have more than 10 activities that range from Mongolian throat singing to pirate ship looting. Each activity will reward participation by giving each participant flokens (flow tokens). You will then take these flokens and put them into a box that matches your tribe color.

How will the scoring be measured?

Each box will be entered based on the weight of your tribes box. There will be a data visualization that will show the score of each tribe.

The Activities and rewards for each participant are as follows:

Improv Hi :  4 flokens

Blue Planet: 5 flokens

Jazz Improvisation Workshop : 4 flokens

Mongolian throat-singing: 4 flokens

Girl Genius Labs: 5 flokens

Pedal Power Hawai’i : 7 flokens

Sound Shop: 3 flokens

Solomon Enos’ art table: 3 flokens

Koala Space Program: 3 flokens

Healing for the Healers Soul: 3 flokens

Board Games:

Riff Raff: 7 flokens for the winner of each round, 1 floken for each participant

We Didn’t Playtest this at all: 3 flokens for the winner of each round, 1 floken for each participant

Dancing Eggs: 5 flokens for the winner of each round, 1 floken for each participant

Monster Laundry: 7 flokens for the winner of each round, 1 floken for each participant

** Special **  

We will also looking for old sunglasses, beads, straws, tubes, old burnt out fuses, binder clips,old belts, paper plates, curtain rings, broken jewelry or watches, bottles, funnels, random plumbing parts, and show boxes. Please bring them to the Girl Genius Labs. Your items will be used to craft steampunk art and wearables – 4 flotkens for each item