Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities

The TEDxHonolulu team is an amazing group of passionate, dedicated and talented volunteers. We’re sharing our best ideas and efforts to make our events unique, memorable and compelling. Join us!



Productions Curator Quincy Solano Oversees and directs production members (stage manager volunteer, stagehands volunteers, audio vendor, visual vendor, lighting vendor, videographer vendor, AIR stage design, MC). Create event day schedule copy for distribution to productions team. Develop and issue written competitive bids for the selection of program vendors. Monitor, regulate and coordinate vendors. Oversee the design phase, fabrication phase, installation phase, maintenance phase. Regularly inform and update TEDxHonolulu Team during all phases of the project; meet as needed with other TEDxHonolulu Members and other entities participating in the event. Coordinate with TEDxHonolulu Members in regards to budget issues impacted by technical issues.

  • Stage Manager Jessica Robb The role of the stage manager is especially important to the director in rehearsals. Here the director and the stage manager work side by side, with the stage manager recording the Production Curator’s decisions about presenters and performers, keeping track of logistical and scheduling details and communicating what goes on in rehearsals to the rest of the team. This enables the Production Curator to concentrate his or her full attention on directing. Other responsibilities include, scheduling and running rehearsals, communicating the Curator’s wishes to designers and crafts people, coordinating the work of the stage crew, calling cues and possibly presenters and performers’ entrances during performance overseeing the entire show each time it is performed.
  • Photography Crew Members (4 Organizers Available)  Responsible for photography of entire show per TEDx guidelines and editing. Photography of volunteers, speakers, venue, etc for promotional purposes.



Speaker Curator Jennifer Killinger and Rachael Yergan Coordinate speaker rehearsal, tech rehearsal and day-of-event. Organizing speaker audition process, inviting wish-list speakers, confirming speaker/performer, and determining TEDTalk video roaster. Monitor website generated speaker/performer suggestions. Receive speaker/performer approval from core team & TED before formal invitation is sent. This team will make sure all speakers/performers are prepped and have everything they need on day of show. Leis will be provided (although not mandatory to wear during presentation). Assure speaker pledge, permission and speaker release form is signed by presenters. Coordinate speaker travel, hotel and transportation (as needed)

  • Speaker Coach Partner, Dale Carnegie Hawaii Assist in the training of speakers and performers
  • Visual Trainer (1 Organizer Available) Assist in the training of speakers and performers on their visuals
  • Stage Performance Trainer (1 Organizer Available) Assist in the training of speakers and performers on their presence and engagement with audience


Registration Curator (2 Organizer Available) TEDxHonolulu contact representative with the event venue on ticket information. Compiling gift items sponsorship and outreach to sponsors, speakers and others for attendee gift bag. Researching and ordering of lanyards for attendee name badges. Collaborate with printer and design team to create name badges and signage. Distribute finalized program attendee list, name tags, attendee gift bag, information booth, greeters/ushers. Manage a list of attendee application database, RSVP, online ticketing registration. Compiling information and copy-ready information from other teams for event program. Executing the registration and information table at the event




Scholarship Curator (2 Organizers Available) The Curator(s), advertises and coordinates the scholarship to attend application process for TEDxHonolulu. Assists with the advertising, application and selection processes of the scholarship program and provided by various partners and potential sponsors. Promotes availability of scholarship programs through advertisements and articles in appropriate platforms. Meet and greet recipients at the TEDxHonolulu event. Collect additional feedback from recipients for promotional purposes.  


Sustainability Curator Justine Espiritu and Rachel Goldberg Develop, plan, coordinate and implement activities including at TEDxHonolulu. Encourage and facilitate sustainability programs initiated by speakers, partners, audience and volunteers. Foster and coordinate new ideas and concepts for sustainability programming themes and identify materials and resources to supplement, expand or replace existing sustainability programming. Recruit volunteers and partners needed to perform research or work on sustainability projects with well-defined deliverables.



Interactive Curator Jeffrey Vierra Oversees and coordinates the audience experiences at the event, May include:  TEDxHonolulu Pre-Event Experience – Attendee experiences before the event (i.e. welcome mail-outs), TEDxHonolulu Event Experience Attendees (i.e. hands-on exhibit, auditorium activities), TEDxHonolulu Pos-Event Experience – Attendee experience after the event (i.e. thank you mail-out)




Design Curator Matt Higa and Karen Tanigawa Create TEDxHonolulu branded items for marketing/communications collaborator. Will work closely with selected printers. Creation of Introduction slides for speakers/performers, Welcome/Thank you and sponsors slide. Provide assistance to speaker/performer presentations if needed. Collection of program, signage, banners, posters, attendee name tags, T-shirt, and attendee gift bag, to be distributed to print sponsor.




Communications Curator Patrick Williams Plans and coordinates the development and improvement of a comprehensive and integrated communications system for the City; and performs other related duties as required. Create and maintain relationships with the media to ensure that news pertaining to TEDxHonolulu is shared. Reports and shares details with our internal audiences. Proactively pitch stories to the media. This includes writing and distributing press releases and other messaging (including social media outreach).

Communications Coordinator Nathan (Leo) Braulick Maintaining and updating the TEDxHonolulu.com website throughout the year. Copy edit an additional information added to the website. 

Street Team (5 Organizers Available) Posting and distribution of flyers and advertising around town. Assist in community booth events to represent TEDxHonolulu.



Partnership Curator (2 Organizers Available) Partnership Curator, oversees and directs sponsorship/partnership team. Create sponsorship kit for distribution (sponsorship invitation letter, sponsorship tiers, Sponsor/partner values include logo in printed program, sponsorship slide, website, announcement, product demonstration during pre-conference event, logo on slide in TEDxTalks, logo on video monitors during breaks). Identify and confirm sponsors/partners willing to provide cash contributions and in-kind contributions. Create sponsorship thank you packages. 

Partnership Coordinator Mana Sakihara, Khalid AlDossary Partnership Coordinator, supports the initiative of the partnership through strategic target planning, outreach, proposal submission, and securing future partnerships.



Volunteer Curator (2 Organizers Available)  The role involves assessing and meeting volunteer needs through the recruitment, placement and retention of volunteers. Create a unique volunteer experience through organizing all volunteer meetings and volunteer incentives. Will help to develop a leadership program that will be used on an annual bases.



Artist in Residence (AIR)

AIR Curator Ruby Menon Artist oversees and coordinates the placement of a professional artist in a wide variety of educational and community settings for the TEDxHonolulu event. The program emphasizes in-depth involvement in the arts and focuses on the creative process of making art. Professional artist is at the core of the program. The AIR program is a catalyst for learning and fosters greater awareness of the role of the artist and the arts during production, at  the event and in the public after the event.

Lead Curator

TEDxHonolulu Lead Curator Genesis Leong Oversees and directs relationship of TEDxHonoluluED and TEDxHonoluluSalon events. Develop and monitor budget. Administrative fiscal duties to include (receiving sponsorship, invoice, payments).  Manage and ensure all legal responsibilities are updated and implemented. Ensure TEDxHonolulu is 100% in compliance with TEDx Branding Guidelines and all TEDxToolkit rules. Make sure all mandatory pre-show/post-show reporting, including financial, is provided to TED. Submission of all TEDxHonolulu events to TED for approval. Submission for press releases TEDxPR@groupsjr.com. Create chart for team and volunteer pledge, planning timeline, logistics (insurance, venue), budget, theme, event day checklist. Update TEDx event page event website, event date, social media pages, venue location, etc. Collaborate with Executive Productions Curator, Communications & Design Curator, Interactive Curator

TEDxHonoluluSalon Team Facilitating volunteer team to organize and produce TEDxHonoluluSalon Events.