TEDxHonolulu partners with Showdown In Chinatown filmmakers; new shorts will be screened at July 9 event…


Filmmakers are invited to create new shorts about “hacking your flow” for the July 9 conference event…

TEDx Honolulu & Showdown Short Film Challenge “Hacking Your FLOW” from Showdown In Chinatown on Vimeo.


Cyrina Hadad, co-owner of Showdown In Chinatown–one of Hawaii’s most prominent showcases of independent film–explains:

In the zone. Peak performance. Absolute focus. We’ve all experienced FLOW, those moments when the perfect combination of risk-taking, clarity and control brings us to an unlimited level of achievement.

The enhanced state of mind is human nature, a subconscious drive to be and create what we love! Whether dancer, surfer, artist, athlete, musician, photographer– anyone can capture this FLOW state.

TEDx Honolulu has partnered with Showdown In Chinatown on a short film challenge. The challenge is to create a film short of 5 minutes or less in the film format of a visual narrative.

The Topic: “FLOW” i.e. “Hacking Your Flow.”

Imagine for a moment that you can stop-motion a creative mind, take a walk in the cerebral corridors and storyboard what happens to individuals when they begin to wake into a state of  “transient hypofrontality” and get into the “Zone.” This is called “Hacking The Flow.”

By looking within as a filmmaker / storyteller or looking to others that inspire your exploration, we challenge you to create a 5 minute or less short visual narrative film.

Select films will be screened at the 2016 TEDxHonolulu Conference at the Neal Blaisdell Concert Hall on Saturday, July 9th. Filmmakers that are selected will be given a ticket to attend the conference and screening.

For more information on how to enter and all requirements please email INFO@SHOWDOWNINCHINATOWN.com

Learn more about FLOW by watching these videos: