2012: TEDxHonolulu

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“TEDxCity2.0: A day of urban inspiration”

October 13, 2012, Aulani Conference Center, Honolulu, HI

TEDx Honolulu 2012 Theme - Honolulu 2.0For the first time ever, the TED Prize went not to an individual, but to an idea on which our planet’s future depends: “City 2.0.”

For one day only, the TEDx platform harnessed the power of people across the globe to encourage them to host a TEDx event themed “City 2.0” event at their favorite local spots, featuring the brightest local minds and biggest hearts. In unison, we shared the stories of our beloved homes, asking: where are the bright spots? The creative adaptations? The transformative responses to injustice? Who is asking the most pressing questions? Pioneering the most complex solutions? Speakers focused on themes including culture, transportation, education, sanitation, recreation – all elements whose presence will dictate the success of our future cities.

The Honolulu 2.0 Wish

We are the crucible of the future. We are where humanity will either flourish or fade. We are being built and rebuilt every day. We are inevitable. But we are not yet determined. We wish to be inclusive, innovative, healthy, soulful, thriving. But our potential can only be reached through you.

We can forge a new urban outlook. Let us begin by connecting. Imagine a platform that brings us together, locally and globally. We will combine the reach of the cloud with the power of the crowd. We will connect our leaders, experts, companies, organizations and citizens. We will share our tools, data, designs, successes, and ideas and turn them into action.

Together we can:

• Bridge the gap between poor and rich communities.
• Spectacularly reduce our carbon footprint.
• Make nature part of daily life.
• Empower entrepreneurship.
• Re-imagine education.
• Nurture health.

We are Honolulu – “City 2.0.” Dream me. Build me. Make me real.


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