Solomon Enos, Artist in Residence for TEDxHonolulu, shares his preliminary portraits of this year’s speakers…


Inspired by the speakers’ ideas, passions and work, Solomon Enos created a series of portraits for the July 9, 2016 TEDxHonolulu event: “Flow: Reaching Our Greatest Potential.”

Sol says, “I wanted to share my earliest, freshest renderings here, to capture the flash of the moments when they came to me. As I continue to work on the project, we’ll integrate full color versions of these drawings into the event on July 9, using them as stage projections and as starting points for interactive activities for everyone in attendance. Working on these drawings gave me new insights into the speakers and what they bring to the community. I hope you enjoy them.”



ENOSmehnertSKETCHbwBettina Mehnert “The Architecture of Love”

Socially conscious architect Bettina Mehnert’s passion for connecting the past to the present and future, and working across cultural traditions, inspired a capital ‘A’ made of traditional materials and wreathed in a flowing maile lei.






Andrei Natarov “Everything Between…”

Andrei, a researcher exploring the oceans that surround us and give us life, sparked this image of seabirds cresting above, coral growths below, and in between, the eyes, ever seeking.






Salina Storozuk “A Breath Between…”

For Salina, the Flo Yoga mindfulness teacher, I created a community of hearts, both symbolic and representational; each heart a single and a pair of faces, all breathing together.






 Bryan Caldwell “Space Opera”

Dr. Caldwell is part of a group researching the social and psychological impact of space travel and interplanetary habitation on humans. I saw ships carrying passengers in suspended animation, with the drama of a space opera.





 Solomon Enos “The Celestial Gearbox”

A self-portrait; an artist always thinking, moving, searching, learning, creating. Gears made of the stars that power my clockwork self.






Solomon Enos is a Native Hawaiian artist who works across multiple media in various locations to share his vision of Hawaii’s past, present and future with diverse communities. He is the TEDxHonolulu 2016 Artist In Residence.