Listen to TEDxHonolulu FLOW speakers on DesignTalk Hawaii with Matt Gilbertson…


TEDxHonolulu was in the Design Talk Hawaii studio with host Matt Gilbertson and upcoming FLOW speakers Andrei Natarov and Salina Storozuk, sharing some background on their talks for the July 9 conference FLOW.   

Natarov Killinger Design Talk

Click the PLAY button above to listen to the show featuring Matt’s guests Andrei and Salina with Jennifer Killinger and Ruby Menon from the TEDxHonolulu team.

And be sure to tune in on July 15 at 5pm for a post-conference discussion on Design Talk Hawaii on KGU760AM.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 10.31.53 AMHosted by Matt Gilbertson, President & Director of Design for MGA Architecture LLC, Design Talk Hawaii is a forum for thoughtful, informed conversations about diverse, creative, design-oriented topics. The forum attracts dynamic people from Hawaii’s many communities who touch design in some way and are enthusiastic about sharing their stories and gifts.

Remember, TEDxHonolulu2016 FLOW is July 9 at Neal Blaisdell Concert Hall. Get your tickets here!