Learning about “The Future of Agriculture in Hawaii”…


We asked a few attendees at the TEDxHonoluluSalon 6 for their reactions to the speakers. Here, Tyler Fujita from Feed The Hunger Foundation and Zoe Tengan, President of Hawaii Future Farmers of America, share their learning and positive outcomes.


 Zoe Tengan

Kyle Datta from Ulupono Initiative strived to inform the people in the audience that there are many ways to integrate the technology of the world to pursue a sustainable future. Kyle listed various ways to insure that future generations have a voice and place to create a brighter future. He had very innovative opinions on the issue of hunger, and emphasized the importance of utilizing the technologies that we currently have into the way we approach sustainability in Hawaii. With Kyle’s information as well as the other speakers’ advice, I know that pursuing a future in agriculture is right for me. I will definitely use his ideas about sustainability when pursuing a career in environmental design.

Zoe Tengan / President / Hawaii Future Farmers of America

Tyler Fujita

I work with FTHF, a non-profit microlender supporting local, sustainable food production in Hawaii by providing access to capital for farmers, value-added producers, and others within the food system. The TEDxHonoluluSalon6 event presented a great opportunity to spend an evening with people passionate about this very mission. Following the event, I was able to connect with speaker Adae Romero-Briones and after just a few minutes, it became clear that there was a real opportunity for us to work together. We spoke again by phone two days later and will be having lunch soon to discuss how FTHF may be able to address the needs of a group of farmers on Adae’s home island of Lanai.

Tyler Fujita/ Hawaii Program/Loan Officer / Feed The Hunger Foundation