HNL Metro: “Realign The Paradigm”



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So why have TEDx events?

For Buckley and Leong, the answer goes back to breaking down barriers between industries.

“It is about bringing all of these people from all these different experiences, jobs and agencies together in the room,” Buckley says. “So when you are sitting next to someone you don’t know and you start talking about what you do and what they do, all of a sudden you realize you should do that together.

“It can start these crazy, amazing conversations and start these collaborations that people normally wouldn’t have started because they normally wouldn’t be in a room together,” she adds.

Other than networking opportunities, these events also are simply about experiencing these talks as a unified audience.

“It’s similar to when you go to a movie: There is something about it when you are in there and you are laughing with someone next to you, or you are crying with someone next to you,” Leong says. “There is something really powerful about sharing those experiences with other people.”

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