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TEDxHonolulu License Holder & Lead Curator 2013-Present

Genesis Leong

Genesis Leong is a Project Manager for the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Center on Disability Studies in the Pacific Alliance Project. She facilitates research programs aimed to increase the number of students with disabilities who are successfully transitioning from high school to post-secondary STEM education and ultimately the workforce.

In addition, Genesis is a special events coordinator for large scale community events focused on cutting-edge technology, social justice advocacy and community development. She has extensive experience in event coordination, project management, client relationships, sponsorship development and integrated marketing. Her leadership has created heightened awareness and increased resources for a wide range of projects for clients including University of Hawai‘i System/Hawai‘i State Department of Health, Technology News Bytes/Emerging New Media and Equality Hawai‘i Foundation, among others.

Genesis has attended more than 15 TED and TEDx events internationally during then last few years and is building a network of like-minded TEDsters who share ideas, support and resources. Genesis is VERY excited about advancing the legacy and spirit of TEDxHonolulu to the next level of participation and inspiration in Hawai‘i.

CARROLLTEDxHonolulu License Holder & Lead Curator 2010-2012

George Carrol III

George Carrol III is Campus College Chair, College of Education, College of Humanities and Sciences, and College of Criminal Justice & Security at University of Phoenix Hawai‘i Campus. George participates in the selection, assessment, certification, mentoring, evaluation, training and scheduling of campus faculty. He also participates in the selection, orientation, and training of campus personnel. George supervises activities of lead faculty, area chairs and instructors assigned to the College(s), and develops and maintains the quality and integrity of the College’s Programs. He is accountable for program integrity and implementation at existing campuses, as well as new campuses and learning centers.

George develops and maintains strong relationships by serving as a program resource for campus staff, faculty and students, as well as a liaison to Central Administration Academic Affairs staff and the Deans of the Colleges. He also serves as a core Administrative Faculty Member teaching within the college/program curricula, and monitors, reviews, and retains program-specific documents, including internship and practicum documentation when applicable. George represents the organization as appropriate in its relationship with the community by participating in targeted events, conferences, meetings and workshops and develops and maintains active linkages with agencies and educational institutions to promote positive relationships and to facilitate articulation between the University’s programs and those of other institutions and/or agencies.

He maintains a professional and technical knowledge of the curricula by attending educational workshops, reviewing professional publications, establishing personal networks, and participating in professional societies, including maintaining a general knowledge of emerging issues and trends related to the respective campus Academic Affairs program(s).

neenz-300x294 (1)TEDxHonolulu License Holder 2009

Neenz Faleafine

Born and raised in Hawai‘i, L.P. “Neenz” Faleafine is the CEO and Community Developer of Pono Media, LLC a human-centered, data-driven strategic consulting company. Neenz calls herself a “social disruptor”, which is someone who works to change the status quo because it needs to be changed. Her tools of change are technology, social media and strategic processes, including design thinking.

Neenz is a nationally recognized expert in the application and use of social networks to gather intelligence, build online communities, and use those networks to achieve favorable end results. She began her career building communities as a property manager for her father’s company in some of Hawai‘i’s toughest neighborhoods. There she learned that the most important commodity of a neighborhood is the people. She focused on understanding and empathizing with residents to build relationships in order to partner with organizations to find solutions. It is through the strengthening of the people that neighborhoods thrived and communities formed.

Storyteller | Social Disruptor | Community Developer | Entrepreneur

She applies these same human-centered principles to community building using social networks and media publishing tools. Her working definition of social media is that it’s the use of technology to communicate and collaborate with people across the globe to build an engaged and sustainable community rich in culture. Her experience led to her development of the community building process ALIVE.

Together, she and Noe raise their children, Chelsea and Jayden on O‘ahu.