Get into a creative FLOW with Girl Genius Labs at TEDxHonolulu…


Join a Girl Genius Labs workshop at TEDxHonolulu and experience the curiosity, wonder and awe of being part of a team of makers…


Offering unique experiences into the world of gaslights, steam powered machines and ingenious inventions, Girl Genius Labs brings engineering, science and art together to spark people’s inner genius and creativity.

Step into a space where brainstorming was daily and Google was not at anyone’s finger tips. Move into an atmosphere where creativity is king and bringing what is in the mind’s eye to reality is the goal.

At TEDxHonolulu on July 9, Girl Genius Labs will be hosting  2 workshops during breaks in the conference– “Time Machine” and “Face Up Mask Making.” Learn how to use everyday objects, especially recycled or thrift store items, and turn them into art. Workshop participants will receive a bag of various items and challenged to create a particular themed-gadget or unique mask. Think Dr. Who and October 26, 1985. These digital-free zones will help participants use all of their creative senses and tap into the knowledge of their teammates.

Join an Interactive Team at TEDxHonolulu for your chance to win special prizes. Bring items for the workshops and earn extra points!

Things to bring to use in your workshop: old sunglasses, beads, straws, tubes, old burnt out fuses, binder clips, old belts, paper plates, curtain rings, broken jewelry or watches, bottles, funnels, random plumbing parts, shoe boxes. 


For more information contact TEDxHonolulu Interactive Team member Keith at