Deep meditation and creative adventures: two more speakers explore paths toward FLOW…


The TEDxHonolulu speaker curator team welcomes two more amazing people to the July 9, 2016 “FLOW” event lineup…

With our next speakers, we invite you to explore the Dark Side of FLOW. FLOW isn’t always rainbows and sunshine. What happens when you chase your FLOW right down the drain or lose all sense of purpose? Can you get back into FLOW? How does perspective affect how we contribute to community and connect with the deepest parts of ourselves? What happens after we get back on track? Can you change the world through FLOW?

Salina and Solomon guide us with confidence through these questions – and more! – providing insight from their experiences. Through mind, body and art, these speakers use FLOW to choose their paths, unlocking their potential to live richer, more fulfilling lives. Get your Early Bird Tickets today!


Flo Yoga Hawaii founder Salina Storozuk has been immersed in yoga and meditation practice for more than 10 years. She began exploring paths to radical mindfulness after a personal crisis helped her recognize that  an undisciplined drive to escape stress and suffering can sometimes result in numbness rather than greater awareness. In addition to working with her students, Salina also shares the benefits of meditation and yoga with people addressing serious illnesses including heart disease. For Salina, “during the flow state time stands still and all sense of ‘me’ as a person disappears. But we need to keep asking, ‘Why do we want to be in that state? What are we learning from that experience?'”


SOLOMONportraitCOLORmedSolomon Enos, a Native Hawaiian artist born and raised on Oahu, is this year’s TEDxHonolulu Artist In Residence. He’s creating visual explorations of the FLOW theme that will be integrated throughout the event experience. Solomon will also present a talk about his own creative journey in Hawaii’s rapidly changing social, cultural and technological environment. An “intelligent optimist,” Solomon’s art explores “an aspirational vision of the world at its best, touching on themes of ancestry, identity, the human relationships with the earth, and the future of Hawaii, its people and resources.” 

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KILLINGER_YERGANtnBWJennifer Killinger and Rachael Yergan are co-curators of Speakers for TEDxHonolulu 2016. Jennifer is a dedicated STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) lover and video producer. Rachael is an Elder/At Risk Advocate. Both love bringing interesting people together to make a big impact in Hawaii.