2016 TEDxHonolulu Lead Volunteers


Aloha! Meet some of the members of the TEDxHonolulu Team…

TEDxHonolulu is an ‘ohana of dedicated and passionate volunteers creating TED-like events. We’re committed to strengthening our communities and supporting Hawaii’s most innovative people working to solve some of the most pressing issues facing us and the world. Join us!



TEDxHonolulu Logo | Genesis Leong License Holder and Lead Curator

 TEDxHonolulu Logo | Photo of Ruby Menon | Ruby Menon Artist in Residence CuratorTEDxHonolulu Logo | Photo of Nathan Leo Braulick Communications Coordinator
Paul Klink
TEDxHonolulu Logo | Photo of Matthew Higa Design CuratorTEDxHonolulu Logo | Photo of Karen Tanigawa Design CuratorTEDxHonolulu Logo | Photo of Jeffrey Vierra | Jeffrey Vierra Interactive Curator TEDxHonolulu Logo | Photo of Mana Sakihara Partnership CoordinatorTEDxHonolulu Logo | Photo of Danielle Scherman Partnership Coordinator TEDxHonolulu Logo | Photo of Khalid AlDossary Partnership CoordinatorTEDxHonolulu Logo | Photo of Quincy Solano Productions CuratorTEDxHonolulu Logo | Photo of Brandon Hicks PhotographerTEDxHonolulu Logo | Photo of Kathryn Mykleseth Registration CuratorTEDxHonolulu Logo | Photo of Jennifer Killinger Speaker Curator TEDxHonolulu Logo | Photo of Rachael Yergan Speaker Curator TEDxHonolulu Logo | Justine Espiritu Sustainability Curator